How To Wear Yeezys Correctly For Every Yeezy Model You Own!

The problem is this. Purchasing Yeezys and wearing them out are two distinct activities. Yes, the initial WIN copping does come with the flex! However, there are only so many ways you can use your Yeezy purchase before it becomes stale.

Here’s how to get tips on how to wear each and every Yeezy model. Regardless of the shoe—a 350, a 700, or even a pair of Yeezy clogs—you’ll be in a fly fit in no time! Follow Kanye’s example.

How to wear Adidas Yeezy Boost White Mono Ice.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost White Mono Ice is the first one that comes to mind when learning how to wear Yeezys! It is the type of sneaker that almost everyone has.

In theory, an Adidas Yeezy Boost White Mono Ice from your collection of sneakers makes up your footwear essentials. In other words, the everyday, go-to shoes you can wear for any situation! The possibilities are endless, especially with the various colorways!

You can mix luxury and sportswear when it comes to this model. That’s what makes this model so lovely! As a result, here is how to style the Adidas Yeezy Boost White Mono Ice:

  • Crew-length socks or no socks (nothing in between).
  • Pair with tight-fitting leggings or other athleisure or workout clothing, such as sweatpants.
  • jeans that are cropped, rolled up, or distressed.
  • basketball shorts with a lot of room.
  • Put a classic spin on them by pairing them with suits!

YZY 380. 

Given that the 350 V3 was intended to be the Yeezy Boost 380, we anticipate that the styling will be similar. This is accurate in theory. Rules nonetheless are rules! However, the 380 models have a higher, tighter-fitting ankle collar. This means that whatever you wear with your Yeezy Boost 380s needs to be longer than your ankles.

Of course, it all comes down to preference! However, you need to flex the whole sneaker. The ankle collar is one of the 380s most distinctive features! They are incredibly simple to match with any outfit thanks to their muted, blended colorways. So, for the 380 models, here is how to wear Yeezys:

  • Kanye style with sports shorts and crew socks
  • With sweatpants that have ankle bands
  • Tight-fitting leggings above the ankle bone

Yeezy 450 

The first version of this Yeezy model to be released was the Yeezy 450 Cloud White, which happened to be at the start of 2021. They represented a significant departure from the other Yeezy silhouettes, and they stand out on their own. But if you want to wear Yeezys, you have to know how to wear a 450!

They do have a slightly more alienist appearance! Only the all-white Cloud White and the all-black Yeezy 450 in Dark Slate have been available thus far. Both have timeless monochromatic color schemes that work with anything. This makes styling and wearing it so simple. Possibly your new favorite go-to pair of sneakers! What to wear with a 450?

  • with an outfit that is entirely black or white.
  • with pants that reach the ankle.
  • wide-leg clothing.
  • socks that are knee-high and sweatpants that have ankle bands.


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